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tufting workshops

Tufting Montreal

Looking to organize a fun activity? Craft your own dream rug with our tufting workshops in Montreal.
Available at Beyond Fun Headquarters!

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What is tufting?

Tufting is a modern take on the traditional craft of rug making. With this method you can craft fluffy and colorful rugs, art pieces to hang on your wall or at the office!

Benefits of tufting

Handmade with love

Everyone loves handmade gifts, especially the warm, cosy and fluffy ones!
You can make something personal to take home as a memory or gift a unique gift.


Magic happens when you bring a piece of fabric, a tufting gun and colourful strings of yarn together. Practice mindfulness as you create your very own art piece.

Beginner Friendly

Our workshops are great for those who want to get crafty. Make amazingly fluffy memories and show off your new decor at home or at the office.

On-site only

Beyond Fun HQ

Beyond Fun Headquarters @ 

6410-A Decarie Blvd

Montreal, Quebec H3X 2K2

Minimum of 2 participants required

Groups of 15 participants maximum

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