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Beyond Fun is the leading company for unique team building activities and creative workshops in the Greater Montreal. Are you ready to be the hero of your office and plan the ultimate corporate event? 

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Bond through play!

Beyond Fun creates unique and interactive experiences for team building, corporate events, 5@7 and holiday parties in the greater Montreal and its surrounding. 

Take your event to the next level! No matter the size of your group, our team of event planners will help you create the perfect package within our selection of more than 25 team building games and activities. 


From challenging olympiads of active and brain challenges to creative workshops, we curate experiences that bond teams and leave lasting memories.


Perfect for any company size, our events are designed to strengthen connections and celebrate achievements. Let us transform your next corporate event into an unforgettable journey of teamwork and fun!

Teambuilding 9-Beyond Fun


Team Building

Friendly competition with multiple interactive games stations

Our competitive team building option is perfect for groups that are looking for a fun yet challenging environment. We provide a selection of games that will keep teams engaged and competing against each other. Teams will battle it out between stations to earn points and climb the leaderboards.


Let our experienced team of event planners craft the perfect package of unique giant games and/or brain games to fit your group.

This experience is great for: 

  • Active groups 

  • Large indoor or outdoor space

Chase The Light Game

Brain Games
Team Building

Friendly competition with multiple brain games stations

Embark on an epic journey of teamwork and brainpower with our Giant Brain Games Challenges!


Dive into a whirlwind of puzzles, riddles, and challenges that will test your wit and camaraderie.


Unleash your inner genius, strategize with your team, and conquer the competition in an electrifying battle of brains!


Get ready to bond, laugh, and triumph together like never before!

This experience is great for: 

  • Smaller indoor/outdoor venue

Team Building Kerplunk Beyond Fun.JPG

Team Building

Work Better Together

The coordinated Co-op package is a selection of interactive games that help companies foster positive and productive team dynamics. Our team building activities are designed to get your team talking, working together, and building relationships that directly correlate to better improvement back in the office.


This package is great for companies looking to enhance their teams communication, teamwork, decision making, leadership, and overall work culture.

This experience is great for: 

  • Smaller indoor/outdoor venue

Team Building

Business Casual

Fun & Relaxed Option

Our business casual team building option is perfect for teams looking to have fun and break the ice in a relaxed atmosphere. Participants have the freedom to choose when and what activities they want to play with, leaving plenty of time for them to chat, eat, and get to know each other better. With minimal structure, this environment is ideal for teams to let loose and have a blast.


+ 25 unique games to choose from!

This option is great for:

  • Corporate BBQ 

  • 5@7

  • Office party. 

Axe Throwing Mini - Lancer de haches mini

Game of Bricks

The Lego® Challenge

Build bonds as you build with LEGO! Dive into a fun, hands-on team building experience where creativity meets collaboration. Perfect for companies aiming to strengthen teamwork in a playful, imaginative setting.


Our Game of Bricks offers a multitude of challenges from brain-teasing puzzles to tower building, every challenge is a chance to foster communication while ensuring your team's skills are tested and talents shine.

Let's construct your team's success, one brick at a time!

This experience is great for: 

  • Teams that are looking to host their team building event at their own office

  • Smaller indoor venue

defi lego team building - Beyond Fun.jpg

Bubble Soccer

For The Adrenaline Junkies

Get ready to bounce, laugh, and bond like never before with a Bubble Soccer activity!


Slip into giant inflatable bubbles and unleash your competitive spirit as you bump, roll, and score goals together.


It's a hilarious twist on soccer that builds teamwork, communication, and tons of unforgettable memories.


Let the bubbles bring your team closer!

This experience is great for: 

  • Teams that are looking for an adrenaline fueled activity

  • Large indoor/outdoor venue

Beyond-Fun Bubble Soccer

Nerf War

Teamwork & Action Packed Fun

Gear up, team! It's time for an epic Nerf War showdown!


Dive into a battlefield of foam, strategy, and laughter as you navigate through obstacles, plan tactical strikes, and unleash your inner warriors.


With Nerf blasters in hand, communication and teamwork become your secret weapons. It's adrenaline-pumping fun that strengthens bonds, fosters camaraderie, and leaves everyone buzzing with excitement.


Let the Nerf war begin!

This experience is great for: 

  • Teams that are looking action packed tactical activity

  • Large indoor/outdoor venue

Nerf War Team Building

Giant Basketball

For Teams That Love Basketball

Get ready to shoot for the stars with Giant Basketball Hoops!


Towering hoops, oversized balls – it's basketball on a colossal scale! Team up, dribble, and slam-dunk your way to victory. But watch out for the twists and turns – giant hoops mean giant surprises!


It's not just about hoops; it's about hoopla!


Unleash your competitive spirit, bond over slam-dunks, and create towering memories that'll keep your team soaring high!

This experience is great for: 

  • Teams that are looking for an intense action packed sporting activity

  • Large indoor/outdoor venue

Basketball Géant - Beyond Fun_edited.jpg

Tufting Workshops

Tuft your own rug with a modern twist!

Grab a tufting gun and unleash creativity!


Join our Tufting Team Building Workshop! Craft a unique piece of art with your colleagues as you learn to tuft, laugh, and bond in this fun-filled activity.


It's creative, fun, and perfect for enhancing teamwork. Leave with a beautiful creation and an unforgettable experience!

Only available at Beyond Fun Headquarters on Decarie. (Metro Namur, Plamondon)

Tufting Activité - Beyond Fun


Venue Rental

Our extensive menu of options and our ability to find the perfect venue through our partners make us the premier choice for team building activities. Whether you're looking for an indoor our outdoor venue, our team of event planner will find the perfect solution that fits your needs.

Animation Service

Our custom-tailored activities are specifically designed to boost morale and improve teamwork. To make things even easier, our friendly team of animators is always available to coordinate your event and ensure everyone has a great time.

Catering & DJ

Take your team building event to the next level with our catering and DJ services. We’ll provide delicious food options and top-quality entertainment, so your colleagues can focus solely on building relationships and having fun. Contact us today to add these extra touches to your event.

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Beyond Fun mission is to keep providing exceptional customer support and unforgettable team cohesion experiences for everyone who chooses us for their team building event or office party.


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