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How to organize a corporate BBQ in 5 easy steps


Step 1: Planning and Preparation

  1. Define the Purpose: Determine the purpose of the corporate BBQ. Is it a team-building event, a celebration, a networking opportunity? This will help you set the tone and structure of the event.

  2. Is it a only employees or families and kids as well? This will help you prepare for the next steps.

  3. Establish a Budget: Determine the budget you have available for the BBQ party. This will guide your decisions on catering, venue, games, and other aspects of the event.

  4. Set a Date and Time: Choose a date and time that works best for the majority of the attendees. Consider weekends or evenings to accommodate work schedules.

Step 2: Selecting a Venue

  1. Outdoor Space: Look for a venue that offers a suitable outdoor space for the BBQ. Consider office parking lots, parks, gardens, or event venues with spacious outdoor areas. Ensure there are adequate facilities for grilling and seating arrangements.

  2. Amenities and Facilities: Check if the venue provides amenities such as restrooms, parking, and electricity. Ensure there is enough space for games and activities you have planned.

Step 3: Catering

  1. Menu Selection: Decide on the type of food you want to serve at the BBQ. Consider popular BBQ options like grilled meats, vegetarian dishes, salads, and sides. Accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences.

  2. Catering Service: Research and hire a reputable catering service that specializes in BBQ events. Discuss your menu preferences, dietary restrictions, and any specific requirements.

  3. Beverage Options: Plan for a variety of beverages, including non-alcoholic options like soft drinks, water, and juices. If alcoholic beverages are allowed, consider a selection of beer and wine.

Step 4: Entertainment and Games

Music, giant games, lawn games, raffles and prizes are a must for a fun and successful BBQ event.

  1. Music: Create a playlist of upbeat and enjoyable songs that suit the atmosphere of the BBQ. Consider hiring a DJ or live band if it aligns with your budget and desired ambiance.

  2. Games and Activities: Organize engaging games and activities to enhance interaction and enjoyment. Classic BBQ games like cornhole, giant Jenga, or a giant kerplunk can be a hit. Tailor the selection based on the preferences and age groups of the attendees. Contact your local giant games rental company to rent a selection of games that will make your corporate BBQ party a hit!

Step 5: Logistics and Execution

  1. Invitations and RSVP: Send out invitations to the attendees well in advance, specifying the date, time, location, and any special instructions. Request RSVPs to estimate the number of guests for catering and seating arrangements.

  2. Event Setup: Coordinate with the venue to ensure they are aware of your requirements for seating, tables, grilling stations, and any specific setup needs. Arrive early on the event day to oversee the setup.

  3. Delegate Responsibilities: Assign roles and responsibilities to a team of volunteers or employees to help with setup, registration, games, and cleanup.

  4. Safety and Comfort: Ensure there are first aid supplies available, provide shaded areas, and consider renting tents or umbrellas for protection against sun or rain.

By following these steps, you can organize a successful corporate BBQ that offers enjoyable games, great music, delicious catering, and a comfortable venue. Enjoy the event and celebrate the spirit of togetherness and relaxation with your colleagues!

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